Decimo undertake the following:


Design, of which includes;

Writing design briefs to meet a clients needs and requirements. Undertaking detailed designs of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and public health water services. Calculating required heating loads, cooling loads, ventilation flow rates, water flow rates. We carry out selection of pumps, fans, boilers, chillers and general AC systems. All designs are carried out in accordance with the CIBSE and BSRIA codes and guidelines.

Once this has been selected, the system is drawn schematically and laid out on a plan drawing identifying where; radiators, grilles, AC units etc are to be located. All required equipment is detailed on the drawing/s and in schedules. The drawings are often then, drawn up in AutoCAD as design/construction drawings.


Project Delivery; we produce detailed plans of work, understanding each task across all trades, their relevant sequence and timescale, from this we programme the entire project to ensure the works are completed on time and to a high standard.


 All design proposals are in accordance with the latest CIBSE, BSRIA codes and guidelines.

From this point, we deliver the project:

Firstly we produce a detailed programme of works, identifying every activity and their respective durations and sequence. This will form the basis of our installation timescales, which we then order materials, equipment and manage each install contractor against.

Important note : We focus on the management of health & safety during the course of the installation to ensure all operatives work safely and to a good practice. Part of our health and safety responsibility, we will complete and submit a detailed construction phase plan with all relevant method statements and risk assessments.

Along side the project delivery/ management of the works, we will provide detailed cost and finance management of our project account. Ensuring monthly valuations and pricing of variation works are completed in a proactive manner.

Upon completion of the works we provide all statutory health and safety, and operating and maintenance literature to ensure the works are correctly maintained and used safely by the end user.


At Decimo we recognise that performance requires passion and dedication.