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This was a full fit-out project constructing a new office layout within an old existing warehouse. There were multiple cellular offices and meeting rooms, including a kitchen and eating section. We provided full air conditioning to all office spaces and heat recovery fresh air ventilation system. The fresh air was delivered to all spaces via spirally wound galvanised steel ductwork connecting to individual supply diffusers and grilles. 


The kitchen space had all hot and cold water services installed with It's own point of use electric water heater and boiler for the generation of hot water. The kitchen also had a dedicated extract system which covered the cooking area and the dining space. 

Project value: £100k

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Location: Essex

We carried out the design, supply and installation of new VRF heat pump systems to all the office spaces. A total of 6no. Individual VRF heat pump systems we installed. Each indoor unit served either an office or meeting room over 2 floors across 3 blocks. Each space was also provided with mechanical ventilation which provided fresh air into the office spaces. This was achieved via individual dedicated heat recovery units mounted within the ceiling void, serving air diffusers via thermally insulated spiral ductwork.


Each office block was operated via an intelligent centralised controller for both floors.


The system was fully tested, commissioned and handed over to the client with a thorough demonstration. The project was completed on time and to budget. £400K

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Location: Country wide

We undertake multiple projects comprising of the replacement and upgrade of existing air conditioning systems. Old bank AC systems are either life expired or operate on R22 refrigerant gas which is now being completely phased out. Our proposals are based on a compliant designs inline with the bank specifications to fulfil complete like for like replacement. We typically replace the existing equipment with VRV 3-pipe heat recovery systems and dedicated mechanical fresh air ventilation.


All works are undertaken out of hours to ensure the bank's normal operation is maintained during the day and without disruption. Our team of operatives provide special care to ensure all existing client work space is protected during the course of the works and re-instated for normal business upon completion of each shift. £30-£200K

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Location: Play House Theatre, London

We undertook the complete installation of a new boosted cold water supply comprising of a new cold water storage tank and variable speed booster pump set.


The new system was located on the ground floor at the rear of the building, the new main riser was installed on the outside of the building to roof level where it connected into the existing down service pipes from the old roof level storage tanks. All works were undertaken whilst the building, which consisted of a theatre, offices and residential units remained in continuous use. Special care in planning was taken to ensure minimal down time during the change over period.


The works were completed to the full satisfaction of the client and associated stakeholders. We were on time and within budget. £110K

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